General Tips

  • Check the BigchainDB, Tendermint and MongoDB logs. For help with that, see the page about Logging and Log Rotation.
  • Try Googling the error message.

Resolving Tendermint Connectivity Problems

To check which nodes your node is connected to (via Tendermint protocols), do:

# if you don't have jq installed, then install it
sudo apt install jq
# then do
curl -s localhost:26657/net_info | jq ".result.peers[].node_info | {id, listen_addr, moniker}"

Note: Tendermint has other endpoints besides /net_info: see the Tendermint RPC docs.

If you’re running your network inside a private network, e.g. with IP addresses of the form 192.168.x.y, then you may have to change the following setting in config.toml:

addr_book_strict = false

Other Problems

See the Tendermint tips in the vrde/notes repository.

If you’re stuck, maybe file a new issue on GitHub. If your problem occurs often enough, we’ll write about it here.