Try BigchainDB

Create a BigchainDB transaction and post it to a BigchainDB network in 20 seconds or less:

Develop an App

To develop an app that talks to a BigchainDB network, you’ll want a test network to test it against. You have a few options:

  1. The BigchainDB Test Network (or “Testnet”) is a free-to-use, publicly-available BigchainDB network that you can test against. You can find out more about the BigchainDB Testnet on the BigchainDB “Get Started” page.
  2. You could also run a BigchainDB node on you local machine. One way is to use the Simple Deployment Template, with a one-node “network.” Another way is to use one of the deployment methods listed in the the docs about contributing to BigchainDB.

Regardless of which BigchainDB network you use, you’ll probably use one of the BigchainDB drivers or tools.

Help Develop BigchainDB Server

To help develop BigchainDB Server (the core software in each BigchainDB node), see the docs about contributing to BigchainDB.