Production Node Requirements

This page is about the requirements of BigchainDB Server. You can find the requirements of MongoDB, Tendermint and other production node components in the documentation for that software.

OS Requirements

BigchainDB Server requires Python 3.5+ and Python 3.5+ will run on any modern OS, but we recommend using an LTS version of Ubuntu Server or a similarly server-grade Linux distribution.

Don’t use macOS (formerly OS X, formerly Mac OS X), because it’s not a server-grade operating system. Also, BigchaindB Server uses the Python multiprocessing package and some functionality in the multiprocessing package doesn’t work on Mac OS X.

General Considerations

BigchainDB Server runs many concurrent processes, so more RAM and more CPU cores is better.

As mentioned on the page about production node components, every machine running BigchainDB Server should be running an NTP daemon.