Write a BigchainDB Enhancement Proposal (BEP)

If you have an idea for a new feature or enhancement, and you want some feedback before you write a full BigchainDB Enhancement Proposal (BEP), then feel free to:

If you want to discuss an existing BEP, then open a new issue in the bigchaindb/BEPs repo and give it the label discuss existing BEP.

Steps to Write a New BEP

  1. Look at the structure of existing BEPs in the bigchaindb/BEPs repo. Note the section headings. BEP-2 (our variant of the consensus-oriented specification system [COSS]) says more about the expected structure and process.
  2. Write a first draft of your BEP. It doesn’t have to be long or perfect.
  3. Push your BEP draft to the bigchaindb/BEPs repo and make a pull request. BEP-1 (our variant of C4) outlines the process we use to handle all pull requests. In particular, we try to merge all pull requests quickly.
  4. Your BEP can be revised by pushing more pull requests.