Write Docs

If you’re writing code, you should also update any related docs. However, you might want to write docs only, such as:

  • General explainers
  • Tutorials
  • Courses
  • Code explanations
  • How BigchainDB relates to other blockchain things
  • News from recent events

You can certainly do that!

  • The docs for BigchainDB Server live under bigchaindb/docs/ in the bigchaindb/bigchaindb repo.
  • There are docs for the Python driver under bigchaindb-driver/docs/ in the bigchaindb/bigchaindb-driver repo.
  • There are docs for the JavaScript driver under bigchaindb/js-bigchaindb-driver in the bigchaindb/js-bigchaindb-driver repo.
  • The source code for the BigchainDB website is in a private repo, but we can give you access if you ask.

The BigchainDB Transactions Specs (one for each spec version) are in the bigchaindb/BEPs repo.

You can write the docs using Markdown (MD) or RestructuredText (RST). Sphinx can understand both. RST is more powerful.

ReadTheDocs will automatically rebuild the docs whenever a commit happens on the master branch, or on one of the other branches that it is monitoring.