Configure MongoDB Cloud Manager for Monitoring

This document details the steps required to configure MongoDB Cloud Manager to enable monitoring of data in a MongoDB Replica Set.

Configure MongoDB Cloud Manager for Monitoring

  • Once the Monitoring Agent is up and running, open MongoDB Cloud Manager.

  • Click Login under MongoDB Cloud Manager and log in to the Cloud Manager.

  • Select the group from the dropdown box on the page.

  • Go to Settings and add a Preferred Hostnames entry as a regexp based on the mdb-instance-name of the nodes in your cluster. It may take up to 5 mins till this setting takes effect. You may refresh the browser window and verify whether the changes have been saved or not.

    For example, for the nodes in a cluster that are named mdb-instance-0, mdb-instance-1 and so on, a regex like ^mdb-instance-[0-9]{1,2}$ is recommended.

  • Next, click the Deployment tab, and then the Manage Existing button.

  • On the Import your deployment for monitoring page, enter the hostname to be the same as the one set for mdb-instance-name in the global ConfigMap for a node. For example, if the mdb-instance-name is set to mdb-instance-0, enter mdb-instance-0 as the value in this field.

  • Enter the port number as 27017, with no authentication.

  • If you have authentication enabled, select the option to enable authentication and specify the authentication mechanism as per your deployment. The default BigchainDB Kubernetes deployment template currently supports X.509 Client Certificate as the authentication mechanism.

  • If you have TLS enabled, select the option to enable TLS/SSL for MongoDB connections, and click Continue. This should already be selected for you in case you selected X.509 Client Certificate above.

  • Wait a minute or two for the deployment to be found and then click the Continue button again.

  • Verify that you see your process on the Cloud Manager UI. It should look something like this:

  • Click Continue.

  • Verify on the UI that data is being sent by the monitoring agent to the Cloud Manager. It may take upto 5 minutes for data to appear on the UI.