About this Documentation

This section contains instructions to build and view the documentation locally, using the docker-compose.yml file of the bigchaindb-driver repository: https://github.com/bigchaindb/bigchaindb-driver.

If you do not have a clone of the repo, you need to get one.

Building the documentation

To build the docs, simply run

$ docker-compose up -d bdocs

Or if you prefer, start a bash session,

$ docker-compose run --rm bdocs bash

and build the docs:

root@a651959a1f2d:/usr/src/app# make -C docs html

Viewing the documentation

The docs will be hosted on port 55555, and can be accessed over [localhost](http:/localhost:33333), [](http:/ OR http:/HOST_IP:33333.


If you are using docker-machine you need to replace localhost with the ip of the machine (e.g.: docker-machine ip tm if your machine is named tm).

Making changes

The necessary source code is mounted, which allows you to make modifications, and view the changes by simply re-building the docs, and refreshing the browser.