Production Node Assumptions

Be sure you know the key BigchainDB terminology:

Note that there are a few kinds of nodes:

  • A dev/test node is a node created by a developer working on BigchainDB Server, e.g. for testing new or changed code. A dev/test node is typically run on the developer’s local machine.
  • A bare-bones node is a node deployed in the cloud, either as part of a testing network or as a starting point before upgrading the node to be production-ready.
  • A production node is a node that is part of a consortium’s BigchainDB network. A production node has the most components and requirements.

We make some assumptions about production nodes:

  1. Each production node is set up and managed by an experienced professional system administrator or a team of them.
  2. Each production node in a network is managed by a different person or team.