This is the documentation for BigchainDB Server, the BigchainDB software that one runs on servers (but not on clients).

If you want to use BigchainDB Server, then you should first understand what BigchainDB is, plus some of the specialized BigchaindB terminology. You can read about that in the overall BigchainDB project documentation.

Note that there are a few kinds of nodes:

  • A dev/test node is a node created by a developer working on BigchainDB Server, e.g. for testing new or changed code. A dev/test node is typically run on the developer’s local machine.
  • A bare-bones node is a node deployed in the cloud, either as part of a testing network or as a starting point before upgrading the node to be production-ready.
  • A production node is a node that is part of a consortium’s BigchainDB network. A production node has the most components and requirements.

Can I Help?

Yes! BigchainDB is an open-source project; we welcome contributions of all kinds. If you want to request a feature, file a bug report, make a pull request, or help in some other way, please see the docs about Contributing to BigchainDB.